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Liana Aghajanian Twitter icon

Liana Aghajanian is a freelance journalist who frequently writes about immigration, subcultures, and international issues from Los Angeles to London. Her work has appeared in the International New York Times, Mental Floss, Foreign Policy, and LA Weekly.

Art Allen Twitter icon

Art Allen is a writer and producer in Minneapolis. He seeks out the non-boring and, when he can't find it, tries to create it.

Sandra Allen Twitter icon

Sandra Allen received her M.F.A. from the University of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing program. She is the managing and essays editor of the online-only literary quarterly Wag's Revue, and currently works for BuzzFeed's longform thread, BuzzReads.

Matthew Amster-Burton Twitter icon

Matthew Amster-Burton is a Seattle freelance writer covering food and personal finance. He has written for Gourmet, the Seattle Times, and the Wall Street Journal, and writes a weekly column for His new ebook, Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo is now available.

Steven Aquino Twitter icon

Steven is a freelance technology writer. His work has appeared in Macworld, TidBITS, The Loop magazine, and Tech.pinions. He's co-host of the Accessible podcast, a weekly show about accessibility on iOS. You can find him on Twitter and on his personal Web site, Steven's Blog.

Marco Arment Twitter icon

Marco is the founder of The Magazine and Instapaper, and the author of Formerly, Marco cofounded Tumblr and served as its lead developer for its first four years. He serves as The Magazine's inspiration and advisor.

Naomi Arnold Twitter icon

Naomi Arnold has covered climate change from Antarctica, the Winter Olympics from Vancouver, and also reported from Thailand, Australia, and South Korea. She writes a column for her hometown daily, the Nelson Mail, and runs New Zealand longform collection

Kristen Bahler Twitter icon

Kristen Bahler is a Brooklyn-based journalist caught in a constant state of wanderlust. Her work has appeared in Bitch magazine, the Financial Times, Vice, and more.

Ben Bajarin Twitter icon

Ben Bajarin is a principal analyst at Creative Strategies, Inc., an industry analysis and market intelligence firm based in Silicon Valley. He is also a technology columnist for Time and The TabTimes, and co-founded Tech.pinions.

Nathan Barham Twitter icon

Nate Barham teaches Jr. High and High School English in addition to his work as assistant director of the Pride of Clarkston Marching Band and Color Guard. He is currently working toward the publication of his first novel, a fantasy inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's essay, "On Fairy Stories."

Tom Bentley 

Tom Bentley is a published journalist and essayist, fiction writer and editor, and business writer and editor.

Nate Berg Twitter icon

Nate Berg is a writer who covers cities, design, architecture and technology for a variety of publications. He is a former staff writer at The Atlantic Cities, and is based in Los Angeles.

Lianne Bergeron 

Lianne Bergeron is a Canadian author and entrepreneur who lives and works near Amsterdam with her Dutch husband and four kids. When she’s not teaching English, writing articles, or working on her books, she can be found on the road on her bicycle built for six.

John D. Berry Twitter icon

John D. Berry is a typographer, book designer, design writer, and typographic consultant who speaks frequently on typography and design. He is the former Editor & Publisher of U&lc (Upper & lower case), and worked on the Fonts team at Microsoft. He is President of ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale).

Elly Blue Twitter icon

Elly Blue lives, writes, and rides bicycles in Portland, Oregon. She publishes a series of zines about feminist issues in bicycling and is the author of Everyday Bicycling: How to Ride a Bike For Transportation (Whatever Your Lifestyle) and the forthcoming Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy (December 2013, Microcosm).

Madeline Bodin Twitter icon

Vermont-based writer Madeline Bodin writes about our relationship with the natural world, including articles about the wood in baseball bats and the resurrection of a butterfly species, for publications such as the Boston Globe, Discover, Wildflower, and Woodland.

Jamelle Bouie Twitter icon

Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect and a Knobler Fellow at The Nation Institute. In addition to The Prospect, his work has appeared in The Nation, The Atlantic,, the Washington Independent, and the Washington Post. He is based in Washington D.C., where he covers campaigns and elections.

Chris Breen Twitter icon

Before becoming a writer for such publications as MacUser and Macworld, Chris Breen worked full-time as a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area. He and his band, System 9, have been together for nearly 30 years.

Renee Brincks Twitter icon

Renee Brincks is a freelance writer who covers travel, food, beer, and culture. She contributes to American Way,, and Where San Francisco, among others, and recently explored Switzerland on inline skates. Renee splits her time between Iowa and San Francisco, where she grows plants in pots near her kitchen window.

Ben Brooks Twitter icon

Ben Brooks is a commercial property manager by day in Lakewood, Washington. He has a passion for talking about technology, and he writes with that passion on The Brooks Review.

Gabe Bullard Twitter icon

Gabe Bullard is the program and news director of public radio station WFPL. The rest of the time, he edits Toothpick Swords, a cocktail blog. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ciara Byrne Twitter icon

Ciara Byrne is a technology journalist currently writing mainly for Fast Company. Her work has appeared in Forbes, VentureBeat, O'Reilly Radar, and TechCrunch. Based in Amsterdam, her interests include data science, health technology, robots, news hacking, and cycling in high heels.

Serenity Caldwell Twitter icon

Serenity Caldwell adores hats, and wears many. Currently, she spends her time geeking out on The Incomparable and racing around a roller derby track under the name "Artoo Detoonate." If you read a Macworld ebook in the last few years, there's a good chance she edited it.

Michele Catalano Twitter icon

Michele Catalano is a freelance writer and civil servant who lives on Long Island. She likes to emphasize the civil over servant and hopes one day to delete that part of her bio entirely.

Josh Centers Twitter icon

Josh Centers is a Tennessee writer who has been featured on The Loop, Macworld, and TidBITS. When he's not annoying his lovely wife with his passion for technology, he enjoys cooking, gaming, and wasting time on the internet.

Kyle Chayka Twitter icon

Kyle Chayka is a freelance writer on culture and technology who lives in Brooklyn. He has contributed to publications including the New Yorker and The New Republic, and is the author of an e-book, The Printed Gun.

Jacqui Cheng Twitter icon

Jacqui Cheng is a freelance writer, editor, photographer, and editor at large at Ars Technica. Jacqui's writing has appeared at Ars Technica since 2005 and has also been published in the Guardian, CNN, Wired, US Airways magazine, and the ebook, Unmasked. A former back-end Web developer, Jacqui's other interests include gardening, cooking, running, cycling, urban sustainability, human rights, and various forms of activism.

Josh Cohen Twitter icon

Josh Cohen is a freelance writer and editor of The Bicycle Story. He contributes regularly to Crosscut and his work has appeared in Pacific Standard magazine, Grist, and PubliCola.

Michael E. Cohen Twitter icon

Michael E. Cohen has lived on the southwest corner at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts for his entire working life. He's taught writing and literature courses, programmed for the Deep Space Network, designed and implemented instructional word processors, advised dozens of humanities professors on all sorts of matters digital, created ebooks, written ebooks, edited ebooks…As a young man he set out to be a professional dilettante and, after years of struggle, succeeded beyond his wildest dreams/worst nightmare.

Julie Schwietert Collazo Twitter icon

Julie Schwietert Collazo is a bilingual (English-Spanish) writer, editor, and translator whose work covers a wide range of topics and interests, from art to science and from food to Pope Francis. She has written for National Geographic Traveler, DISCOVER, Scientific American, Ms., and a number of other publications. Based in New York City, she has also called San Juan and Mexico City home.

Brent Crane Twitter icon

Brent Crane is a freelance journalist currently on a long stint of travel through Asia (mostly the Chinese parts). In between rickety bus rides and introspective train journeys, he writes for the Telegraph, VICE and the American Interest, among others.

Leah Dearborn Twitter icon

Leah Dearborn is a freelance writer based in the Boston area. A graduate of the journalism program at University of Massachusetts–Amherst, she spends her time writing about history, travel, books, and local events.

Rohin Dhar Twitter icon

Rohin Dhar is the co-founder of Priceonomics, which was incubated in winter 2012 at Y Combinator. He also co-founded Personforce. Dhar drinks coffee and rides a bicycle.

Nicole Dieker Twitter icon

Nicole Dieker is a freelance writer, essayist, and occasional nerd musician. She writes the "How A Freelance Writer Makes A Living" column for The Billfold, and is perhaps best known for posting her weekly freelance income to her Tumblr. Her work has also appeared in The Toast, Yearbook Office, Boing Boing, and The Freelancer, among other sites.

Mark Donohoe Twitter icon

Mark Donohoe is an Australian Doctor whose dream was to become a computer programmer. He learned FORTRAN at school, bought an Apple ][ in 1978, and ran both his medical practice and regional newspaper on Lisa and Mac computers in the 1980s. His professional focus is on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and chemical injury, and he has a number of research publications in these fields. He still wants to be a programmer. One day.

Jessica L.H. Doyle Twitter icon

Jessica Doyle writes about business education at and previously covered the southeastern United States for the Economist. She has a master's in city and regional planning from Georgia Tech, where she was a researcher at the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development.

Alexandra Duncan Twitter icon

Alexandra Duncan is a gynecological teaching associate, a full-spectrum doula, and a beginning freelance writer. She recently graduated from NYU's Gallatin School and is attempting to figure out how to be a grownup.

Alex Duner Twitter icon

Alex Duner is studying journalism and computer science at Northwestern University, where he is also a student fellow at the Knight Lab.

Elisabeth Eaves Twitter icon

Elisabeth Eaves is the author of Wanderlust: A love affair with five continents and Bare: The naked truth about stripping. Her work has been published in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, Forbes, and Marie Claire, among other places, and she is an editor at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Guy English Twitter icon

Guy writes popular software for iOS and Macintosh and, intermittently, at Kickingbear. His latest endeavour is Aged & Distilled, a company co-founded with Chris Parrish. A&D's goal is to improve visual communication through software.

Theresa Everline 

Theresa Everline is a Philadelphia freelance writer interested in arts, culture, and urban affairs. A former editor-in-chief of Philadelphia City Paper, she has written for the New York Times, the Washington Post's travel section, Next City, Preservation Online, and Her essay about living in Cairo was selected as a "notable essay" for The Best American Travel Writing 2005.

Glenn Fleishman Twitter icon

Glenn Fleishman is the editor and publisher of The Magazine, and contributes reguarly to the Economist, Boing Boing, TidBITS, and Macworld. The father of two, Glenn won two episodes of Jeopardy! in 2012, and he won't let you forget it.

Rusty Foster Twitter icon

Rusty Foster is a writer and programmer who lives in Maine.

Jamie Frevele Twitter icon

Jamie Frevele has appeared in The Daily Banter, The Maude, Mental Floss, Boing Boing, and The Mary Sue. She also writes and performs fictional things on camera and on stages from time to time. Don't ask her to see the tattoos that you can't already see.

Lex Friedman Twitter icon

Lex is an author, senior contributor to Macworld, and podcaster. He heads up podcast ad sales for The Mid Roll. Lex has three kids and one wife. His hobbies include writing third-person bios for Internet publications.

Amanda Giracca Twitter icon

Amanda Giracca received her M.F.A. from the University of Pittsburgh and now writes from the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts. Her writing interests range from phantom catamounts to aurochs to the anatomy of the face, and her most recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Fourth Genre,, and Flyway. She is also a regular contributing writer and editor for Vela Magazine.

Nancy Gohring Twitter icon

Nancy Gohring’s work has appeared in Wired, the New York Times, the Economist Babbage blog, MIT Technology Review, Computerworld, CITEworld, ITworld, and many other publications. She started writing about cell phones when they were huge and expensive, and now covers a wide range of technology and science topics.

Michelle Goodman Twitter icon

Michelle Goodman is a freelance business journalist and author based in Seattle. She's written about potpreneurs for Entrepreneur and Seattle magazine and is now working on her third book, about crappy jobs and the people who do them.

Ben Greenman Twitter icon

Ben Greenman is a contributing writer for the New Yorker and the author of several acclaimed books of fiction and nonfiction. His most recent books are The Slippage, a novel, and Mo Meta Blues, which he co-wrote with Questlove of the Roots.

Eileen Gunn Twitter icon

Eileen Gunn is a short-story writer and editor. Her most recent collection, Questionable Practices, was published in March 2014 by Small Beer Press. Her fiction has received the Nebula Award in the US and the Sense of Gender Award in Japan, and has been nominated for the Hugo, Philip K. Dick, and World Fantasy awards and short-listed for the James Tiptree, Jr., award. Gunn was editor/publisher of the Infinite Matrix webzine, and served for 22 years on the board of directors of the Clarion West Writers Workshop.

Stephen Hackett Twitter icon

Stephen Hackett is the IT/Multimedia director at The Salvation Army Kroc Center in Memphis, and he writes 512 Pixels. Previously, he has worked in the newspaper industry and as an Apple Genius.

Alison Hallett Twitter icon

Alison Hallett is the arts editor of The Portland Mercury, an alt weekly in Portland, Oregon, as well as the co-founder of Comics Underground, a quarterly reading series that showcases Portland's thriving comic book scene.

Mark Harris Twitter icon

Mark Harris averages 7.18 minute miles running, 15.8 mph on long distance bike rides, has 6.2% body fat and has telomeres that are 8.08 kilobasepairs long and shrinking. He has written 104 stories for The Sunday Times in London, 31 features for The Economist and 1 for The Magazine. He lives in 98103. His website is shamefully neglected.

Tim Heffernan Twitter icon

Tim Heffernan attended Deep Springs College from 1996 through 1998. After initially studying biology, he took a degree in economics. Today he writes about heavy industry and the natural world for The Atlantic, Popular Mechanics, Pacific Standard, and others. He lives in New York.

Chris Higgins Twitter icon

Chris Higgins writes for Mental Floss, This American Life, and The Atlantic. He was writing consultant for Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters. His new book is The Blogger Abides: A Practical Guide to Writing Well and Not Starving.

Jane Hodges Twitter icon

Jane Hodges is a Seattle-based writer having a prolonged midlife crisis that began in 2012, the year her book Rent Vs. Own (Chronicle Books) published and two relatives died, both of them leaving her in charge of their affairs back in the South that she had fled like a prison escapee. In recent months, she drove cross-country, began working on a literary startup idea and a memoir, joined a Crossfit gym, and started eating paleo. In case it needs saying, she's too scattered to use Twitter effectively.

Colleen Hubbard Twitter icon

Colleen Hubbard lives in England, where she writes fiction and nonfiction.

Thaddeus Hunt Twitter icon

Thaddeus Hunt has been working in IT and Web development for the last 12 years in North Carolina. Since his childhood in New England, he's been writing and telling stories. He just finished writing his first-science fiction novel this past April. Up until this article, he's never been published before.

Saul Hymes Twitter icon

Saul Hymes is an Assistant Professor of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Stony Brook Long Island Children's Hospital, not far outside New York City. When he is not caring for children with infections, doing clinical research on antibiotics, or teaching the next generation of doctors, he greatly enjoys writing, and would have been a journalist or computer programmer in another life. He posts infrequent medical musings.

Casey Hynes Twitter icon

Casey Hynes is a freelance journalist based in Asia. She has lived in South Korea, China, and Thailand and travels throughout the region. She is a 2008 graduate of the Columbia Journalism School, and her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Vogue India, and a number of regional publications.

Justine Ickes Twitter icon

Cultural anthropologist and instructional designer Justine Ickes has written for Gastronomica, Language, and Parent & Child, among other magazines. Justine also develops training programs, writes grants, and creates custom content for the United Nations, the Peace Corps, Berlitz, and other clients.

Saba Imtiaz Twitter icon

Saba Imtiaz works as a journalist in Pakistan and reports on politics, culture, militancy, human rights, and religious movements. Her writing has appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Roads & Kingdoms, and's AfPak Channel blog. A list of her recent work is available on her website.

Morgen Jahnke Twitter icon

For the past 10 years, Morgen Jahnke has written for the Web on a variety of topics, from taxidermy shops in Paris to introversion. She is currently working on her first novel, a historical epic set in Nuremberg, Paris, and Saskatchewan.

Carren Jao Twitter icon

Carren Jao writes about art, architecture and design for the Los Angeles Times, Architectural Record, and KCET, among others. She's fascinated with connections, hidden histories, and how the ordinary becomes remarkable thanks to someone who took time to notice.

Stefan Kamph Twitter icon

Stefan Kamph is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia. He previously worked as a staff writer for New Times, an alternative weekly in Fort Lauderdale. He has 17 positive references on Couchsurfing.

April Kilcrease 

April Kilcrease writes about rollerskating, whiskey, and breakfast tacos. When she's not working at her desk in Oakland, she enjoys petting baby farm animals and climbing fences. Her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, AFAR, and San Francisco Magazine.

Alex Knight Twitter icon

Alex resides in Vancouver and is the author of Zero Distraction, a web column about the intersection of culture, design, and technology.

Chris Krupiarz Twitter icon

Chris Krupiarz works as a spacecraft flight software engineer for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Originally from Michigan, he now lives in Ellicott City, Maryland, with his wife and two kids. In his spare time he enjoys reading and writing, walking in the woods with the family beagles, and creating fictional sporting events with his sons.

Bill Lascher Twitter icon

Bill Lascher is a Portland-based wayward Californian who writes about transportation, resilience and the ways people and places influence one another. He's also chronicling the short, adventurous life of World War II-era reporter Melville Jacoby.

Matthew Latkiewicz Twitter icon

Matthew Latkiewicz is a writer and maker of comedy Web-things. His work has appeared in Grub Street, McSweeney's, Wired,, and Gastronomica. His first book, Drinking, A Manual, will be published by Running Press in 2014. He lives in Oakland, California, with his wife.

Celeste LeCompte Twitter icon

Celeste LeCompte is a freelance journalist based in San Francisco and Guangzhou, China. She writes about innovation and the environment, and thinks amateurs are amazing.

David J. Loehr Twitter icon

David J. Loehr is a playwright. He is the artist-in-residence with the Riverrun Theatre in Madison, Indiana, as well as the editor of His work has been performed at the Capital Fringe Festival, Capslock Theatre, South Carolina Rep, Glass Mind Theatre, and Actors Theatre of Louisville, among others. He is a husband, father, masked avenger, and cat bed.

Michael Lopp Twitter icon

Michael Lopp is a Silicon Valley-based engineer who builds both people and software at companies such as Borland, Netscape, Apple, and Palantir. While he's not worrying about staying relevant, he writes about pens, bridges, people, poker, and werewolves at the popular weblog, Rands in Repose.

Jennifer Mack Twitter icon

Jennifer Mack is a freelance writer from Phoenix, Arizona. When not writing, she can be found at local craft breweries and hacker spaces.

Tim Maly Twitter icon

Tim Maly writes about cyborgs, architects, and our weird broken future.

Harry Marks Twitter icon

Harry is an aspiring novelist, the author of and a co-host on the weekly technology podcast,

Manjula Martin Twitter icon

Manjula Martin lives in San Francisco. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in The Virginia Quarterly Review online, Maura Magazine, Modern Farmer, SF Weekly, The Rumpus, and Post Road. She runs the blog Who Pays Writers?

Watts Martin Twitter icon

Watts Martin is a web developer and writer living in Silicon Valley. He has worked for several major technology companies, is the author of the short story collection Why Coyotes Howl and blogs erratically at Coyote Tracks. He likes rum.

Elliott F. McCloud 

Elliott Fitzgerald McCloud is a writer, poet, lyricist, alchemist, and partner in a timeshare on Hyrule. He earned his BA from Wayne State University in English. Since then he has worked and written in the fast food and medical industries.

Kirk McElhearn Twitter icon

Kirk McElhearn is a Senior Contributor to Macworld and lives in a town in the southern French Alps. The Tour de France is coming to his town again next year.

Erin McKean Twitter icon

Erin McKean is the founder of Wordnik, a blogger at, and the author of four books about words (including Totally Weird and Wonderful Words), one novel (The Secret Lives of Dresses), and a fashion field guide (The Hundred Dresses, coming in June 2013).

Scott McNulty Twitter icon

Scott McNulty is a writer living in Philadelphia. When he isn't rolling to save versus social awkwardness, he can be found reading, participating in the award winning geek culture podcast The Incomparable, and spending time with his lovely wife.

Nathan Meunier Twitter icon

Freelance journalist, author, and beer nerd Nathan Meunier slings words about video games and geek culture for a living. He's been published everywhere from Nintendo Power and Mac|Life to IGN and GameSpot. He rolls natural 20s.

Philip Michaels Twitter icon

Philip Michaels is the online managing editor for Macworld, TechHive, and PCWorld. His work has also appeared in The Loop Magazine,,, and elsewhere.

Jen A. Miller Twitter icon

Jen A. Miller is a freelance writer based in the great Garden State. She is a regular contributor to the New York Times, Runner's World, Running Times, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She lives in Collingswood.

Rich Mogull Twitter icon

Rich Mogull is an analyst and the CEO of security research firm Securosis. He's also an occasional freelance writer and an itinerant former rescue professional.

John Moltz Twitter icon

John Moltz recently gave up the glamour of working in corporate IT to write online at his Very Nice Web Site. He does not respond to questions about whether he used to write what amounts to Apple fan fiction.

Dan Moren Twitter icon

Dan Moren is a writer whose work has appeared in Macworld, the Boston Globe, and on his parents' refrigerator. He's also a regular panelist on the award-winning podcast The Incomparable, a would-be novelist, and an occasional Dungeon Master. Shhhh.

Richard Moss Twitter icon

Richard Moss is the content editor at and a freelance writer focused on games, technology, history, long-form journalism, and interesting people and things. He has the dubious honor of being an expert on the history of Mac gaming, and is crazy enough to have written a book on soccer-management game Football Manager 2012.

Christa Mrgan Twitter icon

Christa designs quality audio software for Rogue Amoeba, where she also occasionally blogs. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, daughter, son, and cat, and is pretty smug about it. Her interests include eating kale chips and playing the banjo non-ironically.

Maarten Muns Twitter icon

Maarten Muns is a science and technology reporter based in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

David Erik Nelson Twitter icon

David Erik Nelson keeps house in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with his wife, toy poodle, and two human children. His writing includes the geeky craft book Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred, a monthly opinion column in the Ann Arbor Chronicle, and short stories that have appeared in magazines like Asimov's, anthologies like Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded, and sprinkled across the Web. His novella “Tucker Teaches the Clockies to Copulate” is now available as an illustrated e-book for Kindle (and basically everything else).

Mary Catherine O'Connor Twitter icon

An independent journalist based in San Francisco, Mary Catherine O'Connor writes about issues related to energy, technology, and outdoor adventure for a range of publications, including Outside and

Julio Ojeda-Zapata Twitter icon

Julio Ojeda-Zapata writes about tech for and its dead-tree counterpart, the St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press. He has been known to slap a video together every now and then, as well, but text will always be his one true love.

Therese Oneill 

Therese Oneill writes for the Atlantic, Mental Floss, The Week, Sunday Magazine, and more.

Robert Palmer Twitter icon

Robert Palmer is a full-stack Web developer who lives and works in Encinitas, California. If you see him, kindly remind him he has to go to work tomorrow.

Phillip Pantuso Twitter icon

Phillip Pantuso is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Brooklyn Magazine, Pacific Standard, Esquire, and BKLYNR.

Simon Parkin Twitter icon

Simon Parkin is an award-winning writer and journalist from England. He has contributed to The New Yorker, MIT Technology Review, The Guardian, and many others over the past decade, writing both criticism and journalism from the front-lines of video game culture.

Cara Parks Twitter icon

Cara Parks has written for the New York Times, Slate, and The New Republic. She is the former deputy managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine and teaches as an adjunct professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. Next stop: Shanghai.

Alex Payne Twitter icon

Alex is a programmer, writer, angel investor, and an advisor to several startups. He recently helped launch Simple, an online banking service with a focus on better technology, design, and customer service. Previously, he was Platform Lead at Twitter.

Alex organizes the annual Emerging Languages conference, a showcase of new programming languages. He co-authored O'Reilly's Programming Scala (2009). Alex has been writing online for over a decade.

Rob Pegoraro Twitter icon

Rob Pegoraro writes about computers, consumer electronics, telecom services, the Internet, software and other things that beep or blink. He has met most of the founders of the Internet and once received a single-word e-mail reply from Steve Jobs.

Georgia Perry Twitter icon

Georgia Perry is a freelance writer based in Oakland, California. She has written for publications such as Vice, Portland Monthly, the Portland Mercury, and the satirical women's magazine Reductress. She is a former staff writer for Santa Cruz Weekly.

Kendra Pierre-Louis Twitter icon

Kendra Pierre-Louis is a writer, researcher, and environmental strategist based in Queens, New York. She is the author of Green Washed: Why We Can't Buy Our Way to a Green Planet (Ig Publishing). Kendra has worked for the United Nation's Environment Programme, written for Newsweek, and appeared on CSPAN.

Jeff Porten Twitter icon

Jeff Porten is an Internet and Mac consultant, a serial entrepreneur, and a freelance writer. He can usually be found at a conference or at a point along the Philadelphia-Washington-Atlantic City triangle.

John Patrick Pullen Twitter icon

John Patrick Pullen specializes in technology and travel, having covered everything from the world's fastest ice luge track to the toughest electronics on the market. A regular contributor to Entrepreneur and Fortune, his work has also appeared in Boston magazine, Men's Journal, and Wired. He is based in Portland, Oregon.

Kevin Purdy Twitter icon

Kevin Purdy is a freelance writer who lives in Buffalo, New York. He writes for Fortune, The Wirecutter and The Sweethome, ITworld, and Buffalo Spree, among others. He is a former contributing editor at Lifehacker.

Joe Ray Twitter icon

Award-winning food and travel writer and photographer Joe Ray's work has been featured in the New York Times, Agence France Presse, the Guardian and elsewhere. He's just moved to Lummi Island, Washington, to write a cookbook with James Beard-nominated chef Blaine Wetzel.

Leah Reich Twitter icon

Leah Reich is a writer and ethnographer who lives in Berkeley, California. Her work has appeared in the Atlantic, The Awl, Maura Magazine, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and more. People used to come to her for advice about relationships, and now they just ask for advice on avocados.

Carolyn Roberts Twitter icon

Carolyn Roberts lives in Scotland and works in mental health. Her work has previously appeared in Oh Comely magazine and on BBC Radio Scotland. Currently she spends most of her time making silly faces at her new baby daughter.

Jake Rossen 

Jake Rossen has written for a variety of publications including the New York Times, the Village Voice, ESPN the Magazine, Mental Floss, and MIT Technology Review.

Adam Rothstein Twitter icon

Adam Rothstein is an insurgent archivist and writes about politics, media, and technology wherever he can get a signal. He is most interested in the canons of history and prediction, the so-called "Future-Weird," and the unstable ramifications of today's cultural technology.

Daniel Rutter Twitter icon

Dan Rutter is an Australian journalist who writes about science, technology, video games, computer hardware, gadgets, strange tales, and anything else that catches his attention. His websites are Dan's Data and How To Spot A Psychopath.

Dinsa Sachan Twitter icon

Freelance journalist Dinsa Sachan writes about science, tech, and culture from New Delhi, India.

Eli Sanders Twitter icon

Eli Sanders is an associate editor at The Stranger and the winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for feature writing.

Lisa Schmeiser Twitter icon

Lisa Schmeiser fell into a newsroom by accident in the 1990s, and hasn't been off deadline since. She relishes covering the area where business and technology intersect, but adores swerving into cultural criticism. Her writing has appeared in the Minneapolis City Pages, the San Francisco Chronicle, Slate, Television Without Pity, Investor's Business Daily, Macworld, and TechHive.

Jenna Schnuer 

Freelance writer Jenna Schnuer is a New Yorker who, after 10 years of bouncing back and forth to Alaska, moved to Anchorage in September 2013. She writes for National Geographic Traveler, American Way, and, and is in the early stages of a book project about the reintroduction of wood bison to Alaska's wilds.

Jon Seff Twitter icon

Jonathan Seff is an avid crossword solver, father of twins, and veteran technology journalist currently looking for his Next Big Thing.

Lora Shinn Twitter icon

Seattle-based writer Lora Shinn has written about travel, tech, and career for publications like, National Geographic Traveler, Redbook, and the Seattle Times. Her first computer was a Texas Instruments TI-99 4A, back in the early 1980s. Today, her favorite games are Bejeweled Blitz, Ms. Pac-Man, and Super Mario Brothers.

Julia Shipley 

Julia Shipley is an independent journalist based in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. A frequent contributor to Yankee magazine and Seven Days, Burlington's independent weekly, her work has recently appeared in American Forests, Northern Woodlands, and the Burlington Free Press.

Brittany Shoot Twitter icon

San Francisco-based journalist Brittany Shoot, the managing editor of The Magazine, writes about fascinating people and far-flung places. She is a contributing writer to Mental Floss, Spirituality & Health, and Sojourners, and also writes for magazines including Time, San Francisco, and Islands.

Mark Siegal Twitter icon

Mark Siegal is a tech nerd who lives near Washington, D.C. His background includes science writing, book publishing, and various magic tricks with spreadsheets.

Scott Simpson Twitter icon

Scott Simpson is a writer and performer from California. He spent over a decade in the digital media business at and Apple, and is co-host of the comedy podcast You Look Nice Today.

John Siracusa Twitter icon

John Siracusa has spent the last 15 years as a professional web developer and freelance technology writer. When he's not destroying the Ars Technica CMS with 45,000-word articles, John enjoys gaming, exercising his TiVo, writing open source software, and pining for the pizza and bagels of his childhood home of Long Island.

Julian Smith Twitter icon

Julian Smith writes for Smithsonian, Wired, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, New Scientist, and the Washington Post. He is a contributing editor at Archaeology magazine, and his most recent book is Crossing the Heart of Africa: An Odyssey of Love and Adventure.

Jason Snell Twitter icon

Jason Snell is editorial director at IDG Consumer & SMB, publishers of Macworld, PCWorld, and TechHive. Prior to that, he was editor-in-chief of Macworld for seven years. His projects outside of work include The Incomparable, an award-winning podcast about geek culture. He lives in Mill Valley, California, with his wife and two children.

Rosie J. Spinks Twitter icon

Rosie Spinks is a Los Angeles-born, London-based freelance journalist and storyteller. Insatiably curious and optimistic, she writes about sustainability, women's issues, social justice, tech, culture, and design for outlets such as GOOD, Dwell, EcoSalon, The Ecologist, and Sierra Magazine. She loves keeping things simple and hates staying in one place.

Chris Stokel-Walker Twitter icon

Chris Stokel-Walker is a UK-based freelance writer for the Economist, the Sunday Times, the BBC, and BuzzFeed.

Marco Tabini Twitter icon

Marco Tabini is an entrepreneur and writer based in Toronto, Canada. For the last 10 years, he has been the owner and publisher of php|architect magazine, a position which he has just left to bootstrap a startup that focuses on Web-enabled APIs.

Mohammed Taher Twitter icon

While his work in the oil industry usually ends up swallowing most of his time, he spends whatever he has left by playing (and designing) games, and writing about them. Most of his online contributions are in Arabic, but he's bridging the waters by making music with your favorite composers. He aims to nail down Japanese by the end of 2013.

Gina Trapani Twitter icon

Gina Trapani builds ThinkUp, a social media insights engine. In her spare time, she works on Todo.txt, open source mobile apps for managing your task list in a plain text file. Gina was the founding editor of Lifehacker and led its editorial team for its first four years.

Zakia Uddin 

Zakia Uddin is a London-based writer who likes to think about art, culture, Internet tribes, and all kinds of weird phenomena.

Federico Viticci Twitter icon

Federico is a writer and espresso aficionado who lives in Italy. He founded MacStories in April 2009, and he wants to visit the United States someday.

Lee van der Voo Twitter icon

Lee van der Voo writes about food, sustainability, crime, and the environment. A former Alicia Patterson fellow, her work has appeared in The New York Times, Slate, and It has been supported by the Fund for Investigative Journalism and the Fund for Environmental Journalism. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Kellie M. Walsh Twitter icon

Kellie M. Walsh is a writer, editor, and Web and content strategist. Her work has appeared in Creative Nonfiction, The Rumpus, PopMatters, and on the websites of Fortune 500s, nonprofits, and a seven-piece jazz band. Kellie also runs a tiny creative services business with her husband. They live with an army of houseplants in the New York City area.

Amy Westervelt Twitter icon

An independent journalist based in Oakland, California, Amy Westervelt writes about health, technology, and the environment for a variety of publications, most recently The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and Forbes.

Tate Williams Twitter icon

Tate Williams is a freelance writer based in Boston covering science, culture and the environment. His work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Curbed, the East Bay Express, the East Valley Tribune in Phoenix, and American Forests magazine. He's the science editor at Inside Philanthropy, where he blogs regularly.

Albert Wu Twitter icon

Albert Wu is a graduate student in history at University of California at Berkeley. When not thinking about European missionaries in China, he tries (and fails) to keep up with the latest trends in technology.

Brianna Wu Twitter icon

Brianna Wu is the founder of Giant Spacekat, a game development company specializing in cinematic experiences. She's worked as a politico, an illustrator, and an investigative journalist. She likes running, dance music, and racing motorcycles.

Rachel Heller Zaimont 

Rachel Heller Zaimont is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer interested in animals, vegetables, and minerals. She has written for Fast Company, the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly and other publications, and enjoys watching her cats twitch in their sleep.

Andrew Zaleski Twitter icon

Andrew Zaleski is a freelance journalist based in Philadelphia. He is the former lead reporter for local technology news site Baltimore.